You, The Virus! Are You Man Made?


This Covid-19 virus
Seems to know very well
A lot about how to get
Into the human body and destroy

Not very unlike how
The food and pharmacy industry
And other wallet suckers
Like the screen industry do

They put a straw into your wallet
And keep it there sucking
While they’re telling you lies
Until you’re 6 feet below

And when the party is over
You might be aware
It was you who payed the bill
Make them fly way over the hill

It was not about the mask
It was the task
In the fight
To see the light


Sometimes changes comes naturally.
We made one happen and unless we can stop before this decade is over, we’ll be gone. Just because our planet couldn’t handle us — the humans.

This is a story about how we can change it, for free…

© d’Viggo 2020

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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