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This must be the first time US plan to scale something down!!!

What about scaling down the day, start sleeping at night and rest in the weekends. Then scale down the US forces and stop killing people around the world, tear down their buildings and leave them alone with open wounds that needs the power you miss through decades to repair.

The only way to get our planet back on track is to scale down the energy use.

It is a mystery why safer solutions like the Thorium reactor is not mentioned like others here also pointed.

I am quite sure if you learned what happened after the Tsjernobyl accident, and still happens around the northern Europe especially in Scandinavia, and what is going to happen as the core have started to heat up again, then this story would have had a few more paragraphs.

The past will always be a part of the future here on planet Earth, even if we send our waste to Mars.

Would you send one of those reactors to Haiti or Lebanon without half of the US Army, the Air Force and Marines to protect them? I'll guess not.

US should learn what humanity is long before they should start exporting more waste to the rest of the world.

And never forget 97% of the population on this planet lives outside US. This should indicate that energy is a big consern for the rest of the world.

It is because US stay behind 50% of all pollution through energy use until this day, and this pollution is spread all around the globe and heats up every corner of it.

We need to use less energy to cool down our planet, unless there will be no future for any of us.

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