Why We Need A New Day Now


Only 3 percent of the population in the world lives in US. Why should these three percent rule over the rest of the people in world when they don’t want to participate.

Why should the 60 millions that voted Donald Trump into the White House be the world leaders? Those who did this mistake represent 0,9 percent of the population in the world, and only 20 percent of the US population.

The White House administration is a mafia like bunch of haters, treaters and liars undermining stated laws and international agreements. Happily this is not a majority of this planet’s population, but these people act like they are.

About a decade ago Edward Snowden told the world about how NSA and CIA controlled the US and foreign citizens. He abandoned his country because he knew the consequences of his revelations — but the job was done — he is an hero in most peope’s eyes. Now it seems like this revelation is forgotten.

China has never denied they monitor their citizens. There has been a lot of US focus on this lately, but not on the fact that US do the same. What is the difference? There are more than 10 million people prisoned in US.

China has managed to stop their Covid-19 outbreak, though they did not take it as serious as they should have been doing in the beginning. US failed and has lost 200 000 citizens, because of their handling though their leader knew how dangerous the situation was.

US leaders claim they live in a democracy. Their leader is more a dictator than a leader of a democracy. This fact don’t even have room for discussion. The rest of the world is watching a nation go under these days, due to the lack of leadership. The reason this happens is greed. Greed for money and power based on outdated thinking without consequences of their own behavior.

The United States of America needs to participate in this world, and stop thinking they are the world. US is literary burning and there is a reason.


Nine months ago I presented how we can save our planet from start burning. This solution is also a win win situation for everyone. At the moment we are all losers. The solution presented will start making all of us winners.

© d’Viggo 2020

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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