When you look at this fact there is a disgusting coincidence about the actions taken and the nature of the virus that seems to fit the stupid monster president and all governments around the world with high debts.

They don’t need these people. They don’t need the people who build all of their welfare. Those who payed the taxes, build the roads, their cars, the airplanes and their manisons. And the men and women who cared their parents before they signed the will and the cleaners washing the viruses and bacterias off the stairway, the knob on the elevator, their limo seat or where ever they put their dirty asses down to spread lies, share bubbles and canapés.

And those who never got the help from their insurance company when the nightmares from the wars haunted them is not needed anymore… And the artists, the musicians, the receptionist, the stewardesses, and that poor mother who had to go to work without a mask…

Can you believe it?

It is funny how a virus can be spread in old people’s shelters first like it did in Sweden, who choose an “unprotected” approach to the virus. Seems like the party generation ran to visit their parents and grandparents to secure their heritage first after picking up the virus abroad. Accidentally? A funny progress in my eyes…

Now Sweden have secured less expenses on their future budgets by killing almost 4000 elders. Just like it seems like Trump is planning, and he seems to kill all those who did not vote on him last time too.

The Scandinavian countries are famed due to their welfare models. I am not sure the 10 % who lost their jobs in Norway at the lockdown is very proud of their government. More than 2 months after the lockdown they have not received a penny from the government, but multinational companies who don’t pay taxes have received billions. People start selling off their stuff. And what happens when they get their money? They need to buy new stuff, and the wheel of fortune runs again…

The Scandinavian model seems to be save the wealthy first, but kill the expenses. On the papers the European models are better, but they work slow in some countries. Funny how weird this virus work and uncovers a lot of lac’s in weathfare systems in the rich world.

Living on the same planet should be the same for everyone. First a secure living for everyone. Then room for those who absolutely needs more. The idea of United Nations and how WHO works is shown fully these days. When the most “powerful” nation withdraw from WHO it tells how stupid Donald trump is. And he withdraw from the climate agreement protocols, too. These organisations needs to be strengthen now, especcially in the middle of a pandemic.

And he can’t hide himself for the rest of the world either. And it seems like he could not hide from the virus either. Self medication???

Get that man out of the White House. All Americans and the rest of the world needs something better, and less dangerous.

This is a story about how the work of WHO is managed around the world:

And a story about changes:

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