A shower? Today?

When you are at home alone quarantined and your body odor is so bad you need to take a shower everyday, then you really need to do some changes…

If you exercise so hard you should slow down a little… If you’re so nervous or the heat waves take you, then it’s time to see the shrink or doctor after the shower.

All this in combination with your food intake make this a good time for revision. Everything you put into your body needs to get out somewhere. Eat proper food, not chemicals. Remember fresh garlic, not powder garlic fermented with salt or whatever.

Some smells are natural and are the pheromones that attracts the opposite sex. Just see what happens if you go to a bar or dance hall before your shower. Only alluring smiles will meet you…

Some people shower two or three times a day. There is only one advice to this.
Slow down a little, save the planet by using less energy, reduce your electricity bill by less use of hot water. To many showers damages your skin.

The you will: Save money on skin protection — the chloride in the water destroy your skin — and no cream can repair it. Your skin protect your body against virus and bacterias. More money saved…

Eat real organic food that is good for yout body. Learn to smell how different food intake makes your skin smell. Some good smell, some smells bad.

Very soon I will take a shower, before I exercise! Yes, because I did not yesterday… both… But I took a walk. So today is another Taijiquan exercise day.

Take good care. I still try to take good care of you all…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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