Time To Scale Down Before Donald Starts Faking The News Again.

Communication has never been more important on our planet. Please don’t bring Donald back to the White House. We had enough of him and his crazy supporters.

4 min readMar 31, 2023
Bound for Venus… Not at all. They just passed my lens about a month ago.

Today I ended up listening to Mediums voice — reading my own comment written in 2020 — inspired by Speaking Spanish in Amerika by Walter Rein. I decided to republish the story because it is still worth reading/listening to catch up a few points of view based on real facts.

The benefits of speaking more than one language is huge and well known all over the world. Communication and understanding is essential in human behavior, but racism is not.

Actually English is spoken by 320 million people worldwide, and 330 million people speak Spanish. These languages are ranked on second and third of the list of spoken languages behind Mandarin — the official language of China — witch is spoken by 890 million of the 1.4 billion living there. China has 7 main language groups and people communicate between these language groups. Can US citizens do the same? I am not so sure… By the way the next on the list is Arabic spoken of about 260 millions, and spoken by more than there are US citizens speaking English as I mention later.

All around the world there are more people speaking two or more languages than there are US citizens. The invitation to the US census in 2020 was distributed in 15 different languages. Why? Because there are “only” 230 million people using English as their first language in US. Then more than 100 million of the US citizens has/use another language as their own language.

Statistics could be used to read the truth, share facts and build trust. Unfortunately statistics can also be misused — like it has never been misused before — by a sitting president and his followers in the history of US, also to spread hate and disunity.

The weirdest thing is how could less than 20 % (almost 63 million votes) from the US citizens manage to bring Donald Trump to the White House, when the 66 millions who voted for Hillary Clinton could not bring her there. In 2016 the estimated population was 324 million in US, and 250 million in the voting age population and 230 million of these was voting eligible. It means 20 millions had lost their right to vote or miss the right to participate in the election for different reasons.

These above mentioned paradoxes should be considered a reason to modernize the “democracy” in US. Modernization is also needed in so called democracies around the world where groups represented by only 1/20 part of the population manages to grab power and neglect the will of 1/3 of the population there or more.

To me democracy is cooperation based on the wishes and common sense to more than half of the population wherever performed, not only by a few.

When a man elected to represent his nation by less than 20 % of the population is harassing his own people — and in addition harass people and nations all over the world — then it is time not only to consider but also make changes. These changes has to come soon — very soon — before US nation collapse in its own blindness.

Back to the languages… Why should the 5 % of the global population living in US rule over the 95 % living in the rest of the world, and claim to be world leading? World leading in what? Repression of others?

To bring it further… Why should the the world only listen to the 3,3 % of its population who claim to be “Americans”?

And even worser… Why should the world listen to the 0,9 % of the “Americans” who voted Donald Trump into the White House? It shouldn’t even be a question among people living around the world.

The world is UN nations, and decitions are made in plenum there. Your president withdraw US from organizations you’re housing. How stupid can a man be? It is like refusing to pay the rent to your landlord, because your friends was to noisy in your birthday party.

I prefer to hang around with the 99 of 100 who did not vote him there in a mostly still colorful world and among colorful people.

Hope you all still take good care. I do…


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