This is a reminder that Windows 10 is the worst design ever…

Windows 10 looks like water colors on canvas, without frames and contrast. And why do you have to install the Game section if you never intend to use it?

Windows 10 is not working on a 4GB computer, if you want to do other things than surfing. Still 90% of the laptops they sell has only 4GB memory.

I used the Photoshop 5 semi professional first on a 95 and later on 98 machine when it was launched, and it was a great tool back in those days. About ten years ago I bought a new version(12? or 13? maybe 23?, I can’t remember) for private use on what was then one of the first laptops with HD screen and Windows 7.

I might have opened the Photoshop 10 times, first waited "5 minutes" for it to open, imported a RAW picture, looked around in the menues a few minutes, stared at the screen a few minutes more and closed it. The 10 000 buttons and under menues always killed my inspiration and the dark background is not very inspiring either.

It makes me miss framing Agfacolor slides — there are thousands of them out in the locker — but it is hard to find a new bulb for the projector. And it is even harder to find those guys who borrowed my screen and never brought it back.

It is now a memory about those days when the job was needed to be done in the moment, and not faked in front of a computer.

The updates is another story… Grrr!!!

© d’Viggo 2021

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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