This is a lie...

There is a difference between transfers and mining, and most Bitcoins was mined long time ago when the energy use was lower due to less complex blocks.

Because 60% of the mining is done in China is not the same as the energy use comes from dirty fossil fuel. If you take a look at conventional banking then you will understand.

How many pounds of CO2 do Elon Musk's tweets and his millions of followers reading them provide to the atmosphere by their energy use? If you start counting those tons your calculator will get warm, if it has digits enough.

And all the emails you and those tweeters have stored in the cloud?

I planted about 40 000 trees about 50 years ago that has now grown to huge forests. How many tons of CO2 did I save in those years? Those trees has captured 50 million tons by your numbers!

In those years my forest captured 1/1000 of my countrys total emissions of 50 million tons in 2020. We're 5 million people. The average emissions per citizen is 8 tons every year, while my forest catches 1 million tons every year.

Can somebody send me a Bitcoin? I deserve it...