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2 min readNov 1, 2022


Why can’t our politicians change things when the world is burning?

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The simple answer is: They don’t have the power. They don’t make the laws. The billionares make them, and we didn’t even vote for them.

I compare this picture above with the growt of billionares, especially in the US. It is the superrich who stand behind the global warming. This is a fact that needs no further explanation.

Why de we allow them to continue?

I used to put on my skates on by the first of november, and slide over frozen waters. Today I am still surrounded by the colors of autumn, but some trees are still green.

Mother earth needs her yearly rest to survive.

The temperature outside is way above the freezing point like on a chilly summer day. The only thing that haven’t changed is the time of the sunrise and the sunset through the year.

Why does this happen? Because the world is burning.

In Spain they have put a name on “the new season” that should be autumn. They have named it veroño. It is a combination of the words for summer — verano, and autumn — otoño.

The warmest October ever has just happened i Europe.

It is the American lifestyle — politicians calls it capitalism — that is heating up our planet. The billionares are mental sick and they haven’t realized what they are doing with our planet.

Greed makes heat.

Elon Musk is the number one contributor to make the world burning. He is mental ill. And should be either put behind bars or launched in a SpaceX bound for Mars.

We had enough of his pollution here on Tellus.

And the rest of the billionares are not much better. They’re all mental ill, and most of the politicians too. They’ve been warned about the situation for more than half a century, and done nothing. Many of them has become billionares on their way doing nothing. And they still do nothing.

Do we need to kill them before they kill us?

This is my last reminder. The world is burning. I’ll have to go and find some water. While I’m gone for water I hope you take good care.


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