Relax… Living will cause your death anyway, but be aware you can help yourself take good care of your own temple.

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The longer you live the more you have to carry from your previous life. At one moment your body can’t take no more challenges and wave goodbye. Young people should learn that smog, smoke, drugs, fast food and other contaminations reduces their days left on this planet, and also the days left for how long this planet can provide and give humans and other habitants a liveable life.

These two info graphs show a few things we have known for ages. Living is risky itself. The longer you live the closer you will approach your counted days. How you exposed, or got your body exposed to the surroundings through a lifetime is the catalyst if the next challenge will make you survive. It could be food intake or not, medicine use, living conditions, your age, an “unknown” virus or many more reasons that causes a body to stop living. We know very well what to avoid unless you want to force your own death. It is mostly your own choices, unless the choices are absent.

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People all over the world was born and grew up with or without access to healthcare. Healthcare itself is not only what you have access to, but what you do yourself to give your own body good care. And when healthcare provided by governments is not standarized but handled over to budgets or private capital and lobbyists, then the outcome of the servises happens to be more about luck or a fat wallet.

The differences in healthcare exposed lately will lead to changes all over the world when this pandemic has left us hopefully very soon.

The COVID-19 causes death, but so do many other viruses.

Many of us who have been here a while was exposed to and have survived some of the other treats to humans as showed in the second info graph. People of all ages die of the virus, and so do mostly children around the world in areas with bad healthcare from contaminated water or air from this and other viruses or bacterial infections.

This new COVID-19 virus also causes death to people who believed they had a good healthcare system. The warnings was there but decision makers did not care, and now the bills will be more severe for everyone.

The problem this time was that we did not know how to handle the new virus, because politicians suddenly became doctors and overlooked the warnings from the professionals.

Maybe it is not time to blame all politicians why this pandemic became so fatal. Also the T-bone steaks and night caps at your party exposed yourself for weakness. The smog created form the congresses when decisions was taken how to spread some manmade needs for another fake medicine exposed weakness too.

This pandemic shows the lack of good similar healthcare all over the world, maybe mostly where private capital and greedy politicians have ruled to long.

Hope you take good care and follow the guidelines how to survive.

And my best wishes and support to the healthcare workers all over the globe.

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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