The Beacon…

This is a story about how the next chapter in our lives may look like, and the need of a real strong and good mama to take care of us all in the future.


It seems like the autumn arrived early in the remarkable year of 2020. The workers has started to remove the red carpet outside the conference hall as others try hard to wipe the red and yellow leaves away from the carpet, but the chill breeze whirl the leaves around and make it look like the funeral of the red carpet.

It looks like this is a reminder to bury this useless red carpet ceremony made for honor, but lately only used to keep a distance from the real world for those who forgot how it used to be. Both sides of the rope fence appered more sparsely now. The blinking from the few blitzes looked more like lightning than freezes from the strobe lights seen on a dance floor.

The flashy yellow parts on the workers overalls make them look like some kind of artificial life dancing in the twilight. This is the view of nature fighting back, a fight the workin’ men on the pathway know is hard to win. They’ve started to realize that the red carpet ceremony might become one of the new shames, the shame of the limelights.

The last months has showed how naked we all are and there is no need to make someone more important by posing on a red carpet. A good mama knows very well it is easier to swipe the floor than hoover, when the kids has been playing to hard and the coke spots gets either to shiny or sticky.

The fight some humans thought they could win has brought them back to the tables. At this time the men and a few women inside the building know it is not time to start blaming and complaining. It is time to rethink and look forward, open each others eyes and start working again with a complete new set of rules.

It was time to get up from the ditch and look forward. The self realization has already begun, but most of the selfish men who survived had moderated their language use and accusations. The naked truth was well known and the way globalization on to many levels became the main reason to the explosive spread of the pandemic and why it ended up as a disaster to mankind.

When democracy ends up to be a shopping party in lies and votes, or a manipulation of numbers to cover all the reasons that make half of a population either consciousness or turning their back to all the lies and selfishness, then it is time for changes.

The absence of leadership was exposed to everyone, and the need for a beacon or dozens of beacons to lead mankind against the same goal is present. This goal must be based on the facts that we are all stuck on the surface of the same spaceship, our blue planet Tellus. This is the perfect time for a mutiny against the self declared captains from the artificial part of our planet.

When amusement did become the main reason to live and love and care was left to professionals, then the outcome could not be worser. All the useless stuff produced in Hollywood and the Dotcom Vally ended up in Bollywood’s and landfills all over the world. Even rocket scientists are able to understand this could not go on forever.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong. We need to start all over in 2021 without any celebrations. There is a good reason to drop the fireworks and start a new year with clean air. Now we all know that sore lungs is an open door for unwanted guests.

It is time for change, a complete restart.

The world needs a restart with clean sheets and we have to forget those who made us vulnerable and lost the control they thought they had.

Maybe we should look for leaders up in the mountains, in the forests, in the jungle, on the prairie, on a drowning remote island or in the areas occupied and shared to store arsenals of weapons.

This time we need to listen to those who learned to survive through ages without interruption and treats from greeds, emissions and waste handling.

Are you a candidate? Do you want to apply? I think you have already thought about candidates, maybe your own too. If you are looking for power? Don’t even considerate. If you have visions and like to work hard? Start working on your application. The world need you, and you know it.

There are some basic skills needed. First you need to be able to communicate either by your own language skills or by the use of wise and trusted assistants. Most of the rules have been written, but was put aside by greed and stupidity.

You need to be able to share your wisdom and knowledge in a way everyone can follow and not be a burden for the society. And you need to be resolut in your actions to rebuild our planet. The skills might not be hard to find, but the will of execution had to be present.

It is time to find a Beacon who can lead the world forward.

The deaf selfish men who brought our planet into the ongoing catastrophe is not worth mention anymore. The world needs love and care, and we need natural care givers not the boys who still are angry about the toys they lost in the kindergarden.

We need people with natural beauty and knowledge who never developed the shopping genes, and became brainwashed to watch sofa kitchen TV all day long. We need people who never ended up in the claws of the nonsense entertainment industry in the woods and not at all com valley or the amusement parks in the swamplands.

The Beacon the world needs now must be a woman. A real woman who is not shaped by sticked lips or silly cone, but educated and used to both give and take good care.

She needs to be wise and familiar with the natural needs of a human being. She needs to possess the love and care genes, and an ability to smile in a natural way to the world. She might need a strong doorman too, to keep the lobby lovers far away.

The days of men in dark suits are counted. We need wise and colorful women to lead us. We need to roll up the sleeves and work now, to do the boring work that make our fingers so dirty we need to scrub them. The fingers on the keyboards that spread the other viruses will still need disinfection for a very long time, and so do the “brains” of those fingers. There is no more need for stupid entertainment stuff that require marketing and fundraising to creep over the counter, because the ideas are based on the “if there is no need for it then we make a need for it” philosophy.

Our spaceship needs a captain who can lead us into a future based on sustainability so we don’t run out of fuel.

A Beacon who can remind us that greed can never replace love and care.

© d’Viggo — except the beacon picture at the top

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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