We need a new weekday to do nothing, the 8th day. A day to let our earth breathe. And everybody loves to do nothing at all at least in between.

We need a new day every week. The 8th day of the week. A no-day, a new green day to do nothing. A day to let our earth breathe. All weekdays has lost their meaning when the world has gone against 24/7 in all kinds of business lately. Every story has an idea, so had the story and the meaning of the weekdays, but the meaning has faded long time ago.

We use every day to produce pollution. It is enough now. We need a new weekday to do nothing, the 8th day. Mother Earth has begged us for such a day for decades now. Now we are into the most critical decade in the history of mankind. We need to stop putting more fuel into the weather systems that knocks back more brutal than atomic bombs. We need to give our planet a break, and keep on with more breaks so our blue planet Tellus can recover and survive the exposure of mankind.

The 8th day is a solution, and the solution is for free. The solution to bring our planet back on track is here now. When performed it is to do nothing, nothing for one day. And everybody loves to do nothing at all at least in between. Since the solution is to do nothing it could not be stolen. How can you steal nothing? It is just a break, a day to recover. It will come, unless we take one of the existing days and make it a green day. Some will think that it is easier to rename Friday to Free-day, and perform nothing. A brand new weekday will have a stronger impact because it has never been there before and ended up loosing its own meaning.

Though a lot of people will try to crush this idea, it is not possible to do that. This is the only solution that will start working immediately. The impact of the 8th day will start saving our planet and bring it back against what it should be; a place to live for everybody. The eight day will bring nothing to the earth, but fresh air. The 8th day will only let the earth breath. Nobody will loose their money, their influence or political power. The 8th day will give everyone a chance to live longer and make the next generation happier because someone came up with a solution to bring Tellus back on track. It will also let everybody show how smart and creative they are to survive a day without access to nothing, nothing but more and more fresh air as the next 8th day pass away.

The 8th day solution is different as the solution is to do nothing, nothing at all for one day. When we put in one new day between the weeks and call it the 8th day. Then the 8th day will be the day we should do nothing. We can’t earn money. Nobody can loose anything on that day, but everyone will earn something. The reason we need to do it is obvious. We will then let our planet Tellus breathe, produce fresh air for everyone and recover just for one day after every week. Every week will get an extra day, and the income for those who need to earn money 24/7 now will get the same income every week. On a yearly basis the income will drop. In the long run it doesn’t matter. The 24/7 world is linked tight to the overuse of our planet and mostly performed by a few of us. Why do the superrich need an income every day and night?

There are for sure things that can not be closed down on the eight day. Hospital, rescue and water supply we still have to handle. The thing is that we can find a system to keep lifesaving not suffering. The world wide web has maybe spun the net too tight into absolutely needed duties, and it is hard too close down for one day. But the access could be denied for one day, and most of 24/7 business and services can be held closed for one day. People survived in those days when the shop down on the corner was open only in daytime and closed every Sunday. We need a new Sunday now. A green day to put our planet on rehab.

Every day and night has been stolen from the people and filled with 24/7 pollution. There is a meaning behind words like siesta and night. Those words explain what is not at the moment and what will become if we forget the first. Our dear earth Tellus need a break once a week before a breakdown appear. We are close to midnight now, and we need a solution to stop us from getting there. The 8th day is a solution, a green day that bring more color to the calendar and a quiet rest for our planet and it’s habitants.

When performed a year will have 45 weeks plus 4 extra days every year, and 5 extra days every third year. We can put in 2 extra green days every spring and autumn, or one for every season. We need to bring green days into the world, not excuses to prevent it. Complicated? Not at all. Computers and mathematicians will love new challenges. Just a new green column in the calendar to implement it. Eight is a good luck number, and all humans and our planet needs good luck now to survive.

A different calendar will appear with the 8th day…

Today we don’t see people gather in the streets in the big cities because the air in the streets are to polluted.The only time this happen is when the misbehave of government and politicians has gone too far.

We have seen a lot of that the last year. Imagine when people gather together on the 8th day singing and dancing in the streets to praise a new green day. The return of life. Maybe the same people who loves gun smoke will learn something of such new peaceful ideas and gatherings, and realize that the smoke of guns is also pollution we don’t need.

On the 8th day you don’t need to drive our car or go to work or shopping. The shops will be closed. Airplanes on the ground. No sport events. No kids pickups at school or elsewhere. Polluting power plants shut down for one day. Black TV screens for one day. You have to stay where you are. You have to walk, run, swim or use your bicycle if you absolutely need to go somewhere else. Don’t say it will not work. We tried this back in the seventies when the so called oil crisis occurred. A lot of people still remember those happy Sundays walking in the middle of the streets, talking together in a group without rising their voices.

The main thing is that the big polluters like air traffic, cars, factories, ships and even your barbecue gas grill should be shut down on the 8th day. This will become the new standard on the day when you stay at home eating bread or biscuits, or anything you don’t need to heat. Remember to keep the fridge door closed most of the day. I long to use my soup Thermos for the first time. What about you? A day without coffee? Yes, you don’t need to do anything. Just relax on the sofa, and let the world recover. You don’t need your eyes open, because the TV screen is black. Tomorrow your coffee will taste better than ever.

Also on a winter day you will ask? Yes on winter days too. I am sure you have clothes in your locker to keep you warm for one winter day, or maybe it’s time gather together to keep warm in one room instead of 4 separate. Some people might know about a similar experience down the basement shelter on windy days. This is about a solution to prevent the weather going amok over and over again.

The list of things we can’t stop for a day will be longer than the few things I mentioned, but us people are smart and we will find solutions. If you know you can’t charge your phone or laptop before the day after tomorrow then you will learn to be careful with the power use. And you will need less power when you can’t surf on the internet. It will be much worser the day we have shutdowns because of bad weather.

The Weather is going berserk and that is already seen all over the world. We need to make dramatical changes to stop these wild moments happen. If we can reduce pollution around 90 % on the 8th day then it is done. The air will be significant better, the earth starts to recover. Peoples brains gets more oxygen and start working better. This will bring the world forward into a more predictable future, thanks to implementation of the 8th day.

The impact of an 8th day won’t favor any nation unless yours is the first one to implement it. All nations will have the same goal to bring our planet back on track again. The performance of the 8th day is so easy. It is a solution that works immediately. There are no arguments against it. If we wait to implement this day another day will occur; the day of no return.

Then we sit back with a few choices. We can put an 8th day into the calendar. Then those who needs special days every week to take care of their thoughts can keep on their praising and duties every 7th day. An another solution is to take one of the 7 days of the week to implement the idea of a 8th day, and make this day the green day. This will make the process go faster, because 1/7 is more than 1/8, unless politicians need 10 years or more to discuss which day is the most suitable. Therefore the 8th day is a solution that works immediately, and will reduce worldwide pollution more than 10 % from next week. That’s what we need now.

To put in the 8th day in the calendar will be the best solution for now. After 8 weeks we will have implemented it with or without the will of everybody to participate. After 8 months we can see the results, and after 8th years the changes will be there forever. Then we can tip the 8th day over and let the 8. lay there forever as a symbol for eternity, because our planet Tellus survived thanks to implementation of the 8th day.

You have already thought about the next chapter. It will come…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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