Thanks, Isabela!

Seems we are one the same "wave-lenght". Something happened two decades ago when people started to focus on a kind of "daily greed" for their own success based on lies , or a tinted reality when FB was launched. I saw the madness and never logged in.

It was not my plan to publish music here on Medium, but things can change. Music is even more an inspirational thing than writing is, so time will tell...

My idea about writing here was to publish my idea about how a new weekday-an 8th day-can stop the global warming and heal the world. This is what I write about in my Head story. I am also a nature lover and we both know we need to take care of what we have to survive.

Thanks for reading... I have started to read your journey. It will take some time to finish, and I like what I have read so far. 😁

Keep on taking good care. I will do my best. 😉

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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