Nobody can predict the future!

Thanks for sharing your very important and informative story about our time.

This story should be essential reading for every aspiring politician, and also essential reading for all those politicians who have brought the past into the life we have today.

If those who read and understood Alvin Toffler's Future Shock in 1974 travelled in time - and ended up observing US life and the streets of Washington a few months ago - they might have declared him to be a prophet then.

What happens in the future is like observing the surface of a ballon when filling it, when todays knowledge and wisdom is the surface on that ballon expanding. Those who are able to observe all things happening on that surface in a perspective will be the "best" futurist. They will also know that ballons cracks, and then there will be no future.

In Silicon Valley there are no futurists. They are greedy people trying to explore new ways to rob the crowd, when they're both staring at the Hollywood fantasy world on their screens. If there is any thing else on their mind it is to plan the next award party and secure new drug supplies.

This fact leads us back to the present. We need to start working know. If not there will be no future.

And I know, because I had a glance of it. I am that Nobody! 🤔😁

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