Thanks Amy! We can make it. The question is to choose a solution that works like implementation of the 8th day will. I have never heard anyone talking about what will happen inn 2040. It is time for realizing that to set a goal that can not be fullfilled in 2050 is a waste of time. We need action now and all the solutions that can start bringing our world back to be a living planet for everyone.

I wrote this Did the World Economic Forum see the warning lights blinking last year?(mostly copied from their report) about the World Economic Forum report regarding the next 10 years yesterday. Even their members are scared to shit about the situation. And their report is about what they believe will happen the 10 next years. Still 2050 will occur in 30 years from now…

We need leaders who can take action now.

At least they got a solution to solve the problems for free now. Just get the UN Security Council together and implement the 8th day. Then 2040 might be the very best year in history with clean air and our planet live able for coming generations.

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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