Take A Look In The Mirror Now

Yes, you! This is not about me. It is about us.

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Don’t look at me! Look into the mirror… Ronny Sison

I s Mr P’s present focus on the pandemic a mislead? The mixes in the bottles was used long before this new corona virus jumped over to a human being.

In the historic view humans have killed animals to cure hunger and starvation. This has been performed through hunting and then by farming. Farming has become factories like chicken farms or fur farms, simply told…

If Donald Trump focused on the animal welfare as a reason for the corona pandemic it would have been fair. Instead he uses lies to accuse the Chinese government for the situation in his own country at the moment.

The corona virus is a result of historical human activity not only in China, but also in US. China has been a nation in different kingdoms constellations for thousands of years, more than 10 times longer than the modern American now called US.

The first thing the Europeans did when they landed «over there» was to kill the Indians, and take their land. They managed to do this because they had guns that was more powerful than the arrows from the Native Americans. These weapons was also very effective in the mass extinction of the Bison.

A bunch of gunmen building a nation.

How could a bunch of gunmen build a country? You know Your own history, don’t you? I can remind you about a couple… The civil war. Or was it the independence war? The slavery. But I will stop here, most of you know about the wars you started in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and in this century, but never finished or won. The crap and misery is still here.

Why can’t you fight the poverty in your own nation? The lack of healthcare to everyone. You lost the war on drugs in your own country. You let your pharmacy industry lobby addiction to about 2 million people.

The War on Drugs continue, but where? By the prescription from your Doctor’s? Or by the recommendations from your pharmacy industry? The Chinese won their war on drugs — the opium war — a century ago.

No nation has won the war on the COVID-19 virus? No-one. But some has suppressed the outbreak. China seem to be close to win their war against the corona virus.

China started the fight against the corona virus.
Imagine how it could have been if they didn’t?

They started the war when they realized what it was. Maybe they could have started a few weeks earlier if things were different. The things that could have been different is animal health. It is all about how human beings — are we really human? — handle animals. We kill them for fun. We eat them. Put them in Zoo’s. We farm them. Chicken farms. Fish farms. Fur farms. The list is long…

I will come back to these brutal facts…

WHO warned the rest of the world when they saw how fast this new corona virus spread. They used their expertise from what was more like local pandemics when the SARS and MERS outbreak happened just a few years ago. The warnings from WHO was not handled, and people continued to travel and the result was that the virus was distributed to the rest of the world in just a few weeks.

Then the decisions how to handle the virus spread was performed different from nation to nation. Today there is no doubt who did the right decisions and now can see the result of strict solutions. To be mentioned in this connection is the decisions made to cover a weak supply chain of protective equipment or ICU units in hospitals.

Well, here we are today. The virus still spread. Right now I feel ill… What the f…? I visited a shopping mill yesterday. I have not felt well for a while.

One reason is the pictures I just watched from the fur farms, the half eaten ears, the noses, the eyes not there… The pictures in my mind of wars, weapons, cages with molested fish and animals, and so much more. How people behave. People carrying anti-tank weapons in a 7 Eleven store. Have there ever been a tank inside such store? How politicians lie. Humans and animals fleeing from fires, wars, floods and demolishing hurricanes. How scientists explain complicated issues, but those who should have listened watch Hollywood content on their phones instead.

And I wonder, but I also know why people are watching Hollywood movies or do playstation activity. It is so easy. Then they can think they understand. Brainwashed people don’t understand. They run around like chicken in a farm. They are in the claws of the rich people and the political lobbying liars who pay politicians to perform their wishes — mostly greed for more money.

We have to become human beings, again… We are here for our children, for the next generation and to take good care of our planet.

The first world war gave us Hitler. The second gave us ruins and the Cold War. The war of Greed gave us Donald Trump. Sick societies foster sick leaders.

Now the leaders of US try to fabricate lies about a manmade virus. It is just like a mirror of the former US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s slide show before the first Gulf War. And now a Sunday school teacher is preparing new lies…

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Don’t look through… Look into… Unsplash

You should look in the mirror. The mirror of history. Maybe there are no more mirrors in the White House? They might have been smashed in anger when the realizations occurred?


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Courtesy: furfreealliance.com

And now some toxic facts…

I found them on: www.furfreealliance.com and I needed to share
to make your minds curl a little… It won’t hurt in you(r brain).

Independent laboratories in China, Italy, The Netherlands and Germany, found harmful levels of toxics in fur trims on children’s fashion wear — by brands as D&G, Woolrich, Canada Goose and Nickelson — such as formaldehyde and ethoxylates, which can cause allergies, cancer and hormonal imbalance.

What is this about? I’ll tell you… Fist the facts from furfreealliance.com

The production of fur imposes significant adverse impacts on both the environment and human health. Far from being a natural resource, fur production is an intensely toxic and energy-consumptive process, with pelts being dipped in toxic chemical soups and animal waste runoff from fur factory farms polluting soil and waterways.

Just as animal agriculture, the keeping of thousands of animals on fur farms has a severe ecological footprint, as it requires land, water, feed, energy and other resources. Several European advertising standards committees have ruled that advertising fur as environmentally friendly is “false and misleading.”

Local pollution

The local impact of fur farms leads to the degradation of land, rural life, property values and economic activities. Plus, waste runoff seeps into soil and waterways, causing severe damage to local ecosystems.

Biodiversity loss

The injuring and killing of non-target animals by body-gripping traps pose a severe threat to endangered species. Also, escaped predatory animals from fur farms cause a decrease of local biodiversity.

Toxics in fur

The hazardous toxics used in the process of conserving, bleaching and dying pelts, pose an overall threat to the health of consumers wearing the products and to workers in fur processing plants.

Climate impact

Energy is consumed at every stage of fur production. Similar to other types of agriculture, fur factory farms emit large quantities of greenhouse gasses, while burning fossil fuels and other resources.

I reccomend these further readings because they might open up your eyes to the brutality in our handling of animals. Then you might be able to understand the connections between how lies and facts are used and misused in politics and selfish behavior.

We need to teach everyone on this planet that we can not keep on with this behavior. Today it is so easy to see how we have put ourself into the situation we are deep into today. Please, learn and understand.

The pandemic the world are into now expose a need for a total change in human behavior. We need to wash or hands to stop the virus spread, but we also need to clean our minds so we are able to think logical. We simply need new glasses. And when we all get new glasses I am sure most of you need to take a look in the mirror.

And remember the mirror can’t look forward. The mirror always look back, back on you. Your mind is a mirror to your history and also able to look forward, but only if you have seen the mistakes of the past and learned to use them for something better together with the wisdom of today.

A man I mentioned has a shortage of memory, especially memories of his own mistakes. Two months ago he believed he could look into the future, and loose only a few hundred people. Now he has lost at least 85 000 lives. Not a very good fortune teller if you ask me. Actually I was better…

At the moment he came with these predictions there was about 1000 cases in the US. Now there are 1 million cases within the country and he wants to reopen the country. How is this saga going to end? When 85 millions Americans have died in the middle of July?

Mr. P, listen to your scientists and wise advisers. Help us let the virus die. In the meantime you can read yourself up on historical facts. There are a lot of mistakes done — not only your own — and nobody want more mistakes.

Take good care of yourself and all others, and if you find a way to give the frontline soldiers a little more care, do it. They need it more than ever.

© d’Viggo 2020 — Except the stuff copied from furfreealliance.com

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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