Still Working? No, no, no… But You Didn’t Start? Did You?

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There are many causes and interactions overlooked because nobody never focus on the whole disease picture, but mostly on fragments and different diagnoses, the greed for money and value of other humans.

Just as it in this way kills bacterias and virus it has one of the strongest affinities to almost any chemical or natural substance and build new connections everywhere, also inside your body.These are not always healthy.

Try to avoid the chlorinated water from the tap — unless you use it for disinfection — and learn how chlorides always connects to any other substance. Rinse the water before you drink it. Your body will love it. This fact is never mentioned in reviews of interactions and the mysteries to why the COVID-19 virus act so different and kill so many.

The general overuse of Acetaminophen or Paracetamol — often combined with daily alcohol intake — throughout the world put liver and stomach health on risk to develop weaknesses or to respond less to some infections caused by interactions with alcohol and different food intake.

It should never be those — who think they will never get sick — who should choose which way to go to fight the virus. These people seems to be the one that knows nothing about their own condition.

This virus attacks all down the line, and every “asshole” should be aware that his/her behavior is the key to get rid of this virus. Unless these people want to get rid of their friends, family or an opportunity to get healthcare if needed.

Instead they should still learn and understand the mechanism of social distancing and hand wash after touching possible infected areas — also their own face or unwashed cloths — to stop this pandemic.

Standing close at a demonstration yelling behind the neck of someone else speed up the virus spread. So do singing up on or behind someones face or screaming into an ear when socializing on the dance floor with loud music.

Now it is your time to become infected just because that other idiot — just like you — absolutely needed to scream some words into your ear a few hours ago.

The rest of the world is not there for you. The rest of the world is there because you are here. We depend on each other. You are still as helpless as on the day you was born, when fighting against the virus all alone. Just as you are when hanging around with other idiots socializing, when you should have been distancing like you was told to do.

What was there — the world, your family, the healthcare and everything else — was there because humans have learned how to live together, act together and make decisions together to protect themselves from bad weather, dangerous animals, sickness, wars and idiots. Those who think they can do just what they like to do right now — and get away with a peaceful living and no concerns — will become an idiot forever. There are different mutations of the virus already and this will continue to pump new waves or spread.

You don’t know if you are immune to this. There are a lot of mysteries about this virus that are not spoken yet or confirmed. To hope for a vaccine very soon or an ability to buy that vaccine and know it will protect you is years into the future and still a dream. Meanwhile we need to continue the fight against the virus, and accept the circumstances.

Your need for alcohol will disappear when you understand how brutal this virus is. The only alcohol you should use now is when you disinfect your fingers or other surfaces.

And the virus and new versions of the Covid-19 is still capable of killing all the researchers — who try to find a protection for you — and the healthcare personnel — you hope will be there to help if your body start acting “funny” — because you and your friends “forgot” the social distancing.

The most important at the moment is to stop the virus spread. Keep on with social distancing, and enhance your personal condition by eating healthy food and drink pure water.

Never forget the healthcare personnel, they are more important than ever. So are the preventions you take both for yourself and all others.

Take good care, forever…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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