So You Did Use The UV light?

How do you dare to bring my joke about your orange skin color into serious nonsense?

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So you read stories not curated and also the comments here on Medium, Mr. President?

With several occasions not so long ago I wrote a few notes about the changes in Trumps skin color, and why it turned orange. My question was if he used some UV treatment to kill the COVID-19 virus?

These comments was based on humor and ment to state the fact that UV light exposure can kill viruses. It was also based on the fact that maybe Trump knew and believed this treatment could kill the virus. I am sure a lot of people around the world has laughed a little about this.

The change in his face color confirmed he did something different than his pale advisers, and I questioned. But I have also noticed that his hair color has changed back to angel gray, and he walk a little funny. Right?

WHO has warned almost every day that the COVID-19 virus spreads by droplets from infected people’s breath and the virus could also land and survive on different surfaces a few days. Mr. President believed the virus would disappear in April and his judgement — as we all knew was not presented by experience — stated this was not a problem.

Last night he came up with solutions so insane… wow… Will you be in the first row testing how to disinfect?

Wise people know UV light is used for disinfection to kill virus and bacterias in contaminated water and on surfaces. We also know that to much exposure causes skin cancer — and can also act as an enzyme and start reactions not wanted — just like when you stay to long in the sunlight and get sunburned.

One thing is for sure; you can manage to kill yourself before the virus does. And people have tried and managed to do it. Why? Because hey listened to the wrong advices? And now you start again…

Of course sunlight will protect you more against the virus. No doubt! The UV rays will kill some viruses, also the COVID-19 virus. This happens when you are in the sunlight. The night will still come. So will rainy days with almost none UV light exposure.

What happens when you go into the shade? When you go to church? When you go shopping in the supermarket? I am sure you know, but I can remind you that you are still open to exposure for the COVID-19 virus either by someones breath or because you touched a surface with virus.

I have explained in other stories how disinfectors containing chloride react to everything and should be avoided and used carefully. This is because of the affinity chloride has to other substances from atom level to any organic compound and often makes unwanted connections. This means that small amounts of chloride into your body is harmful, but often overlooked as a cause for several problems related to health.

Mr. President, let educated healthcare workers take care of how to handle the virus. You can take a course in how global warming effect our lives — yours too — and listen to the advisers who have used a lifetime to promote how close we are to another catastrophe.

If WHO have banned you from reading their posts I can send you a copy of the latest updates, for free…

Listen to your professional health care providers.
Forget the outdated reality TV stars. They are fake!

Hope you continue to take good care of yourself and others!

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One day later…

Ha, ha, ha… Ha, ha, ha… Ha ha, ha… Ha ha, hah, ha ha… haah… haaah…

Did you apply for a new TV show?

The sitting stand up comedian…

But don’t forget to take good care!

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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