Nobody want their phones or whatever they own to be stolen, neither Apple. And believe it or not. Every time you buy a new Apple item you also pay for the items that is going to be stolen, lost and stop working. And you pay for it twice or more when you buy an insurance.

If we take a look behind the problem it is more complicated. This decade has made 1 million Americans addicted to heroin due to the greedy pharmacy industry. This industry provided disinformation that led to the abuse of oxycodone that created another epidemic. These abusers are in the lower end of the 10 million homeless people in US. How could these people end up in the streets? Because the greedy people in US wanted more money and created the losers. The more successful a business is the more it takes part in the supression and the greed that put these people on the street.

When you are a looser in todays society and have nothing, how can you then connect to the world? You need to find or try to find something that can connect you to the world? Maybe in an Apple store if it is "open" at night. People on the streets have nothing, and if they are so “lucky” they are caught they will at least get a shelter for a while.

There has been no will to take care of all the great Americans. The system that protect and favors the greedy people and businesses has failed long time ago, and the sitting president does everything he can to maintain it and make a favor out of the situation to win the upcoming election.

In an ideal society there will be no looming, because people have what is needed to survive. When a nation is looming the rest of the world, some people will have a need to become a part of that looming. Why? They were never a part of it from the beginning.

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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