New Greeting Etiquette Is Needed, The Tip Your Hat Greeting Is One…

We need to reintroduce safe old greetings just like Presidents used to do. I can still remember people bowed with different angles when performed due to the respect and knowledge of the person they met.

How to perform safe greetings is on everybody mind these days after severe warnings to avoid the virus spread. Maybe it is time to reintroduce the old tip your hat what was a common greeting before the gangster and army styles was introduced in Hollywood movies or through Rap Music videos. Hats has been replaced with caps & beanies an so has the greeting etiquette.

The website WikiHow has a nice introduction to hat etiquette ment for men, but also worth reading for women…

Tip your hat when greeting someone. Grab the brim of your hat and lift it just a few inches off of your head toward the person you are greeting, while performing a slight bow. This represents a greeting along the lines of “good afternoon,” or “how do you do?

Like all things retro, many varieties of classic hats have seen a resurgence in popularity. Fedoras, caps and even beanies can add an original touch to business and casual attire.

If you haven’t worn a hat in awhile, make sure your hat etiquette game is up to standard.

More infor can be found here:

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The next section is about how warnings about the need of changes in etiquette can go wrong, performed by the Norwegian Prime Minister and her warriors yesterday as they just had declared Norway closed.

Prime Minister! What Are You Doing? I just told you we all had to stop handshakes!

Stress? Short time memory like a gold fish? Or no will? The Prime minister of Norway Erna Solberg try to thank Camilla Stoltenberg the leader of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for her contribution after the press conference where Norway was declared «closed» with a handshake.

The Norwegian Health Minister Bent Hoye, who just has begged every Norwegian citizen to stop handshakes until further notice to avoid the virus distribution, cuts Solbergs try with an underarm karate stroke. A quick response watched by millions live on TV, and they didn’t even blush they say, but smiled. of their own stupidity.

A few hours later Hoye was quarantined due to the new native regulations, since he has been traveling abroad within the last two weeks. Norway is now on the top 10 list and has 900 confirmed cases. All the borders are now closed for foreigners.

This picture prove that some politicians act selfish and never listen to any advise or warnings even their own, just like WHO has tried to inform the whole world about several times lately to stop the distribution.

— — —

I tip my hat and bow to you all…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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