Mr.P… It is You. Only Because of You…

I shoot pictures, not people. My own photo.

It is not only the Chinese who don’t want you reelected. It is everybody you have accused for fake news, your scientists, journalists, democrats, your own voters. It is Russians, Germans, Swedes, Italians, Turks, Iranians, Mexicans, Canadians, more or less people all over the world. Most of them is suffering in one or another way for your anger, your rage, your faith, your bombs, your stupidity and so much more. It is the environment, our atmosphere and the climate that changes because of you. Yes, it is because of you and only you nobody want you to be reelected.

The list will be long if I continue. You presented fake news last week about how you handled the virus outbreak. Fake news it was, manipulated, cross cut, because it was not the way it happened.

Make a list of your accusations.

You should make a list of everyone you have accused for something the last four years. Then you will have an estimate of potential people who don’t want you reelected. Most of these people live outside of US and they are lucky and happy about not living in US at the moment. Can you get a picture of how many these people are?

All these people watch you on the world wide reality TV show all day long these days.

Many of these people have seen you in similar series before. In other countries the cameras are turned off when politicians take their decisions in closed rooms. You don’t.

You make your decisions when people ask you a question. Especially when you don’t like the question. What about your accusations? You literary shoot people on TV. You have no right to do it. Have you forgotten that you are a participant of one of the few reality shows on TV at the moment?

There is no reason to accuse the Chinese for anything.

It is you. Nobody wants you reelected. People all around the world have seen your mistakes; on TV, on the big screens, on their laptops and on their phones. They have heard you on the radio, in the podcasts, even heard you rapping. We are all tired of your accusations , you lies, your faith, your bombs and your treats.

A leader in a democracy takes decisions based on discussions and these are often stated by plenary when the impact is severe. Do you lead your democracy this way?

No you don’t. You fire those who have an opinion out of your taste, just like you did on your own reality TV show. Now you are on our reality show. The production group has fired you.

You did not act in accordance to the reciepts.

You are fired. Just think about it. What did you do wrong? You can’t ask us. We only answer people who trust us. People who accept our knowledge. If you want your job back you have to regret your mistakes, you have to accept the rules. Accept you can’t hollow the rules and act like you are still in the kindergarden.

Make a new presentation of your mistakes, and regret your mistakes for your people and the rest of the world.

If your people can forgive your mistakes they might get an opportunity to reelect you, but the people in the rest of the world can’t participate in your election. Almost everyone of them want you in the history books.

The discussion if you should be ranked among the dumb, deaf, sly or stupid presidents will continue, no matter if you are reelected or not.

At the moment we are so fed up of your reality TV show we want you to retire. Start a comedy pay TV show or whatever. Leave us alone. Let the producer find new participants. You are fired! Realize it! You are fired!

But I want you take good care of yourself and also the others who needs especially good care these days.




You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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