Memories from lastyear!

Yes, I know it’s wrong spelling. It was Apple who did it. It looks stupid, right?


Apple has been looking into my album on my phone and made a gallery for me. I never asked them to do it. But they did. It is not the first time. They presented a mixture of pictures of myself and beautiful places I’ve been visiting.

It is not a mystery to me how they did it. The mystery is why they haven’t learned to spell last year or this year correct.

Apple sell millions of computers, iPads and phones in my country and I am sure 99% of us choose our native language when we set up our gadgets. Why don’t Apple quality check the heading in the message they “disturb” me with.

It comes down to basic language understanding. They have officers providing user help and they can both write and read their language. Why did they not proof read the message Apple sent. It looks so stupid and like someone has hacked my phone.


What if there was a picture that popped up in their showcase of my pictures that I did not want to see again. It was… The reasons to not be reminded of a situation could be different and even heartbreaking.

Maybe Apple should start considering all aspects what they do. What about a button or a slider to confirm if the user of an Apple product want such deep dives into their own private life.

There are more aspects about our lives than silly misspelling performed by the most innovative high tech company in the world, as they want to be mentioned.

It is time to stop harassing me with your stupid software — or whatever you call it — Apple.

I can make my own albums. And I don’t need more blinging you disturb me with, either. Do you get it?


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