Medium… Do You Go Bananas?

Improve your recommendations by telling us which stories you’re not interested in.

I don’t know how many writers there are here on Medium. I don’t know when they are going to write a new story, and what they are going to write about.

How can I tell you that what stories I don’t want to read? I have. But you did not read it, or answer my comments on your stories.

You recommended me to:

Improve your recommendations by telling us which stories you’re not interested in.

The answer to this stupidity is simply to quit Medium.

I live in the now. I can be a fortune teller — sometimes — but I don’t know what happens tomorrow. Maybe I will run to Rome, swim to England or sleep all day long. I never read when I run or if I am in the wet element and try to dream when I sleep.

And if I go for a run then I do it because I am in a hurry or my belly has fallen to the ground because I’ve been reading night and days on Medium. If I launch myself into the water I might do it because I started to sweat — because reading about nonsense and click bait on Medium made me so angry that I started sweating — and needed a bath or a swim in cold water.

First of all Medium should start reading my stories. They should explain why I should start paying tax to US to get my paycheck? You, Medium, owe me a free subscription or two for my contributions, right?

Many stories are tagged with “wrong” tags — maybe done on purpose of some writers — or because of misunderstanding of tags in other cases.

I will never be able to know how other writers think or how they will tag their own stories.

Half a year after I started writing on Medium I had managed to build up an audience — without any help from curation — and we used to respond and read each others stories. People read my stories.

Then Medium broke up my audience. I had daily reads on average from 200 to 1200 and overnight they dropped to between 10–20. I never find anything from my old audience anymore.

Did they stop writing. No, they did not. Medium has blocked them out from my sight.

I wonder how many will read this story? It is a free read. I have not filled out a US tax report. I don’t have a US passport and a US tax number. I will not receive any payment for this story. You’ll share it all.

This weekend might be the last one

you see me here on Medium.

I’ll consider my future here. Maybe a good book is better? Search for wisdom between the lines. Hope no changes occur between the covers, when I’m there.

Hope you all take good care! I’ll try too.


© d’Viggo 2021

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.