Jumping On a Mountain Top

2 min readOct 20, 2021


How hard is it to get there?

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

How many coca leaves do you need to eat to climb up on a Peruvian mountain and still have the energy to start jumping when you’re there? Or did she get there by a chopper — or by a photo shopper since there are no sand under her shoes?

I never had the energy to start jumping

I have been on many a mountain top, but not lately. And when I did the climbing I never had the energy to start jumping on the top.

My friends back in those days were to lazy to follow — so I had to do the job alone — and nobody was there to shoot the perfect picture of the sweat dripping conquerer.

One thing I learned when I did my small scale climbing was to leave my backpack together with the heaviest photo equipment way down from the top to carry less.

Big nose mode was not available then

And luckily self portrait mode— or big nose mode as I call it in between— was not available those days, unless you rigged a stand and a small tele lens to shoot a real portrait with the self timer. So if you ever wondered if people had smaller noses in the old days you’ll know the reason by now.

Naked on the top

I can understand why people undress on the top when they have climbed for hours. Since this is an American publication I won’t bother you — or the moral police — with naked Instagram bodies either or wherever they are published.

So now you know if I ever climb a mountain once again you’ll never find a pic of me jumping there, or a need to expose how hard it was to get there.

Energy use will forever be multi faced…

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For some reason I was inspired to write this story because I read the story Meliha Avdic wrote about being accepted as a writer on Medium.




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