It is a bit early to start drawing conclusions, but it has been well known around the world that Cuba has been a torn in the eye for US since the days of Kennedy. Cubans have been living with the fear of bullets and bombs so they prepared for the injuries that might be there one day.

If just a few percent of the military budgets in the US was spent on healthcare instead of weapons and killings around the world in the same period, then there would have been more hospital beds around the world and less people in the risk zone to get severe complications because they could have lived a normal life without the wounds from the bombs. But also from the lifestyle related complications they adopted after watching Hollywood kitchen TV when their kids blew their minds inside the mobile apps.

The most interesting fact right now might be that US now could have had a healthcare system ready to take care of it’s population without veterans on opioids and their homeless friends living on the streets. Also without the need of taking care of all the huge crowds of immigrants who needed to escape from the bombs and choosed to start looking for the American dream instead.

Cubans know how to take good care both of their own population and also American cars. Americans demolished their car industry and has learned the world how to kill people with bombs and bullets through the guidelines from Hollywood. And they did demolish hospitals, infrastucture and kill before they retired and left the ruins to others.

Now the sneaking swords from the Valley has taken over the killings, spreading fear to let hate and revenge grow. Still US forgot to give good care for their own population especially the 30 million without no healthcare at all and no income.

I just heard it is very complicated to get new glasses due to restrictions made to protect the income to the providers. Maybe those who took care of the providers can not afford to buy glasses anymore. Or is the near vision glasses so expensive they are out of reach for everyone and the reason to all domestic problems in the US?

One day there might be more conclusions…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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