Interesting article…

A human body is complex and the brain is the control room and needs a lot of stimulus to work properly.

When I read this story I felt I needed to check something I felt was not mentioned in your story.

In research like this and general in science researchers put their eyes on something specific and forget about the rest, in your case the body which supports the brain in different ways.

It is hard to keep your brain in top condition when the rest of your body don’t support properly.

This is about how the body needs some nutrition that the brain don’t need and the complex chemistry interaction between the body parts.

You point at the ratio between Omega 3 and 6 and it is easy to understand this has an impact of different conditions and diseases, but you miss the point that — loss of delta-6-desaturase activity — is a key factor in aging and how this enzyme convert Omega-6 to GLA.

When the intake of Omega-6 increase and the loss of the D6D enzyme decrease and stop the conversion from Omega-6 to GLA we get problems.It is how to find the reason the level of D6D drop and reduces the convertion of Omega-6 to the needed CLA fatty substances.

Gamma linolenic acid — GLA — is an omega-6 fatty acid. The body converts GLA to substances that reduce inflammation and cell growth. GLA is a fatty substance not realy an acid. It’s found in various plant seed oils such as borage oil and evening primrose oil. People use it as medicine for conditions such as arthritis, nerve damage due to diabetes, eczema, high blood pressure, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses.

Delta 6 desaturase (D6D or Δ-6-desaturase) is a desaturase enzyme that converts between types of fatty acids, which are essential nutrients in the human body. The enzyme is molecularly identical across all living things it is present in animals, plants, and cyanobacteria.

Virus infections seems to block the Delta 6 desaturase and should be an interesting issue these days…

So there are many reasons to keep the D6D enzyme working…

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