If I visited my doctor and told him I think I have another breakout he probably sent me to a mental hospital. If I told him I am sick and he found out I had another outbreak then he probably von a prize for he’s findings and a new job in a medicine company.

When I go back the third time his gone, and still the new doctor has no cure for me, but pills for my headache and to supress my fever; and the industry earn money.

The absence of will to find a cure for the herpes simple virus might get some attention now. There is supression drugs on the market. Well, what do they do? They make you visit the doctor again, again and again to beg for more, and they earn more money in opposite to one time if they cured the reason.

Just look around, you see them everywhere, stressing for what to wear…and then with blisters on their lips after the party. Also the athletes a few days after limiting in a competition when the breakout is there. Then you see them crying. Why? Because they just used a cream with anabolic steroids provided by the medicine to supress the sympton. And because of this WADA found them using doping and lock them out for two years.

I hope people can get an eye on the reason we had no cure to the unknown viruses and no suppression drugs. But the nations have a limitless amount of the tax payers money ready for the industry that try to patent every cell in your body.

Us people are on this planet to live our lives like other habitants. We need pure water, clean air, food, a shelter — often called a house — and some love and care to survive. We should have access to these basics for free. the more pills we put into the locker in the bathroom the more polluted is the water, the air, the oceans and so on.

When people came back from the jungle with blisters and fever, and died, we learned the hard way about the risk to go there. Then we made us some protection before anybody went back.

Now that the jungle is on the table to the wealthiest why should the poor people be in the frontline and pay the bill?

There are a lot of wheels turning. Some of these should be stopped.

Can you see the contour of a different future? I can…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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