I was hired for a similar project confirming travel routes, and they could not tell anything about how much I would earn because that was related to the time use. How much do you think they will pay you sitting there waiting for your third job? The pizza you bought for your second job wont keep you alive very long. Read a book takes a lot of time, one day or more. Then write a few hours and you get nothing, then another book and write Then maybe your week has gone and you sit there with 5 $. This job will litterary pay nothing. Your skills are worth a lot more. My advice is to stay away….

Or you can read my idea and story about the 8th day and use it for free, promote it and earn money, make yourself famous… For free, I will never charge you for bringing the 8th day out to the world, and save the world from global warming so you can live there forever.

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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