I miss being nyforelsket…

I love your poem🙏🙏🙏... Butterflies on cloud nine...🤔

Once I fell in love with a Norwegian woman in Norway…

You could be "forelsket" not only in the beginning. Sometimes it last, though not forever, as I just told you.

I am quite sure this is a better description of the word “forelsket”.

å elske = to love
forelsket = in love
nyforelsket = newly in love
jeg elsker deg = I love you
jeg er forelsket = I’m in love

There will always be a statement or a question word in addition to "forelsket" if it refers only to the first euphoric experience. Just how you describe in "falling in love".

If: she is falling in love with a man= hun faller(forelsker seg) for en mann.
Then the word “forelsket” is not pronounced. The expression is more like a saying. Everybody knows women never stumble — unless they want to tell a story about a superhero who helped her on her feet — and then fell in love with her afterwards — the romantic version.

Nyforelsket(contains two pre words) is the word that describe best the euphoria experienced in the beginning when falling in love. Ny means new or newly in this case.

Confusing? Probably or not? Just in the same way love really is…

Maybe this is why I love the ever presice Chinese expression as they describe always living in the now...

wô ài nî (pinyin) or 我爱你 (traditional mandarin Chinese)

Hope you all keep on taking good care. The world needs a lot of love now.

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