Heading For The Perfect World?

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The winner leaves just a few crumbs for the losers — not very unlike what happens in the real world.

And I think everybody who has played this board game a few times has observed players trying to change the rules during the game to their own benefit.

At the moment the US president is a game changer.

When you have lost something you might look a little grumpy or introvert, not very unlike when being aggressive. How can a camera detect the difference. It can’t. A camera connected to an AI or a dozen people analyzing your face in a control room will never be able to decide what kind of state your mind are into when you walk into a train station.

Government or government representatives makes people grumpy or aggressive. It is well known all over the world.

Normally people don’t end up in a fight after socializing. If normal people exist they might become a little grumpy when the food and power prices increase, but it does nut mean a government should have a right to monitor your expression.

People want to be happy, alone or with friends and family.

They don’t need to be grumpy or aggressive, because in a normal life there are no — or just a few — reasons to make them unhappy.

Human rights will never be a license to kill.

A president of a nation should care for his/her citizens and unite them, not split them up and find a shelter behind those who prefer to weaponize themselves and treat others. Civil war will always ruin a nation, especially when the nation is more or less bankrupt due to bad leadership.

You and me is the fuel for the virus in this pandemic.

Keeping distance and handwash is the funeral for the virus. The virus will disappear if these simple rules is performed everywhere during a few weeks. This principe should be easy to understand — and will stop the virus from spreading — as the opposite outcome is obvious and give the virus the condition to spread.

Socializing could become your or others funeral.

This pandemic has given us a reason to start looking at our world with new glasses. Those who are able to look through these glasses should be listened too. Unfortunately I’ve been looking at the world with such glasses for a very long time. Little did I know about the ongoing pandemic and todays situation when I first published my idea about the 8th day in January this year.

In a perfect world there will be no need for aggression detection.

Then we can detect if someone is not satisfied with the situation. We can bring this person one after each other to a conversation, listen to this person’s problems or unhappiness and do something about it. Then the perfect world can continue.

The people in the world don’t need the help of AI and cameras to detect aggressive leaders.

Leaders should act carefully and give their citizens so much care they will wake up smiling every day. Then there will be no reason to use a lot of money on aggression detection. Such detection is build into the mind of every human being.

Warning… This aggression detection technology has been implemented all over the world during the pandemic.

US leaders should realize they don’t own the rest of the world and stay home and clean up the mess in their own country.

The rest of the world has nothing to learn from this nation at the moment. From the outside the behavior of your president looks even worser. You can’t blame your neighbors when your own dishwasher is full, when the agreement is everybody takes their own wash-up.


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