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  • Madeleine McDonald

    Madeleine McDonald

    Writer. Former UN translator and precis-writer. Interested in social history and travel.

  • Meliha Avdic

    Meliha Avdic

    Born in Bosnia, grew up in the UK-another war child, yes. Passionate about people and the state of society. A bit of a maverick. www.meliha.webador.co.uk

  • Neera Handa

    Neera Handa

    a compulsive writer, teacher, learner, I enjoy reading & writing just about anything. I write daily & have published academic articles, a book, & a few poems.

  • Usanase Makala

    Usanase Makala

    Write until there is no more emotion or thought to express. Read until there is nothing more to learn or hope for. Reach me at sabinerugugula@gmail.com

  • Nancy


    I am college student studying to get my psychology degree. I am a Spina Bifida survivor

  • Toya Qualls-Barnette

    Toya Qualls-Barnette

    Living, loving and observing the absurdities of life/Writing about the impact of relationships and the human experience

  • Yan Huang

    Yan Huang

    Not an influencer aiming to leave a positive influence. Here to write honest stuff and build genuine connections. | Other hangouts: yuyanhuang.substack.com

  • Maira Farooq

    Maira Farooq

    Financial Markets enthusiast on a journey to find Mindfulness with Life-altering Habits.

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