Enjoy The Hottest Year On Earth. We’re In 2020 Now.


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This graph by Helge Drange, University of Bergen, state the fact about the Global Temperature at the moment.

Yes, you just read it. We are into the hottest year on earth and we knew it was going to happen in the middle of August.

The green section in the upper right corner is this year middle temperature so far in 2020, and we have 5 months left. This graph indicate the shift that occured in 1980. Since then the temperature has been on a constantly rise according to NASA Giss and the Hadley Met Center recordings.

According to the IPCC 1.5°C goal by 2050 we are now 1.1°C into this and a temperature rise at only 0.4°C is left before we have reached the level of “no return”. This will happen within the next ten years.

The level of “no return” in this case is when the temperature rise accelerate into an uncontrollable speed, and this planet will explode and catch fire.
A scaring scenario, but these are the facts. We just have to start our turning point today.

Since 1970 the temperature rise have been 0,2 C every decade.


There is only one way to stop the global warming and start the process now. Read about how simple we csn do it it in this story:

The story about the 8th day was written before the Covid-10 pandemic came and proved the solution explained in there will work.


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