I agree to your point of view. Unfortunately I am not sapiosexual or objectumsexual. Sorry… I don’t want to screw your brain or your earrings.

Back to another view…

These needs to be special — and believe the rest of the world has catched up on it — is manufactured, and by who?

Maybe there is a link between American "kitchen-sofa TV series", and the expression "you need to see a shrink" to the Holy-Wood and the Silly con-tent-Valley? Yes, it is… Most people never think about that fact. And this silly content is spread all over the world.

You might dress like a star war monster or a figure in an app or whatever, but people look like men or women undressed — still — unless you can f*** yourself. If you can't, then the shrink did it for you…

If I met a woman in a bar and she told me she was objectumsexual I might figure a definition quickly smiled and asked her:
“Do you want to borrow my pen?”
“Or will it be to small for you?”
“If it is, I can offer you a real object?”
Before the need of a left hand avert…

If that woman told me she was a lesbian I have probably said.”That’s a shame”
And if the man next to me surprisingly told me he was a guy I would have answered: “ I’m not.”

The world shouldn’t be more complicated. And still I have never ever had no need to be explained why some women occur more sexy than others to me — wherever they was born, their size or skin color — they just are.

Did I say something wrong? I hope not…

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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