Can a New Weekday Be The Best Solution To Save The Earth?

How a simple change in the calendar can reverse the ongoing global warming next week. This is what the world needs now.

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The layers of the atmosphere visible in the sunset view from the Space Station. Photo courtesy NASA

The last months happenings has revealed a lot of facts how bad condition we have left our planet into through years of overuse. The virus outbreak has exposed us to the weakness in our behavior and lifestyles. We can’t keep on like this, we need changes.

These changes must be taken through a common global census with the goal to bring our planet and everybody’s living conditions up or down to a sustainable level. The wealthy nations can not continue to protect the wealthiest people to overuse our planet and leave the rest of the world open to poverty and virus exposure as we see now.

The rich people have no right to earn more money. They have enough and have no right to continue their overuse lifestyle and behavior.

This is the background story I wrote before the virus outbreak…

The increasing global temperature gives us more extreme weather situations like droughts, hurricanes, grasshopper invasion, rising sea levels and forest fires. This is a fact that can’t be denied. If you deny this is not going on, then you must be on the payroll in a company related to the use of fossil fuel or a politician involved in corruption.

Even a 7 year old kid know about the climate changes.

If you ask people around the world what causes this temperature rise they will all know the answer. If you ask the most powerful man in the world he will deny it. If you ask the same question to a 7 year old kid you will get an answer that might surprise you about the kids knowledge, and make you wonder how this kid could know. The reason is that we have started to teach our children how to take care of our planet. Now some children teach their parents how to do it. But some parents are deaf…

We did not learn how to handle waste in school 50 years ago.

We had to teach ourselfs that waste could be a problem in the future. At that time we were 3,5 billion people in the world and we new this amount would double sometime in the following century. Now we are more than 7 billion people on our planet and we produce more waste than ever. We produce 4 times as much waste than the half of us did 50 years ago.

The good thing is that we have started to handle the waste all over the world, also some air pollution. Some people still deny that waste is a problem. I wonder if these people have separate store rooms to keep the plastic and cardboards from their shopping since they deny it is a problem. Or do they throw it over the fence to their neighbors?

In the shades of the red carpet.

Hundred years ago people let their children work in factories, and still child labour in part of the world is contributing to the shades of the red carpet.

Imagine…If the tag on your next set of T-shirt & Jeans had a picture of a 10 year old girl telling you that they needed 20 tons of water and 1 ton of chemicals to produce the two items, and she earned 50 cent that day. Will you buy it or another set without this information?

The cemical use to make the fabric feel good and become smooth for you to wear is severe and far from sustainable. If the tag informed you that the chemicals in the jeans harm your skin, liver and other organs; then would you bring it to the counter? Honestly you should wash a new set of clothes a couple of times before you start using it for your own safety, because it still contains unhealthy chemicals.

Have you thought about how much water you need to produce a T-shirt? You need 7 tons. This water contains half a ton with chemicals when it leave the factory maybe upstream a river where poor people without access to drinking water lives. We can’t let people continue to live like this. And you can’t keep on buying clothes produced this way and do it because you have access to more money than others.

You never let your engine run in the garage. Why?

All car owners know that you should not let your car engine run inside your garage very long with the doors closed before you choke and die. The atmosphere is like a big garage and at the moment there are to many cars running and other users of fossil fuel that make our planet choke and accelerate the global warming. The situation we are into now is not only about the carbon dioxcide gas but also about nitrogen gases, soot particles, plastic waste, but also about our leaders absent will to face the truth. The picture of the top shows the cloud layer of the atmosphere which is only 10 km thick. One small car engine like on a VW Beetle contaminate a volume similar to a one meter square column about 25 km up in the atmosphere just running in 60 minutes. How many minutes did you let your SUV engine run for other purposes than driving last year. A SUV engine is 2 or 3 times, maybe 4 times bigger than a Beatle engine, and when you drive it it uses at least the double of fuel at low speed and maybe 4 times more when you drive at speed limit or faster. Imagine all the exhaust from your driving filling up a ballon behind you as you drive. I could have given you an example now, but I want you to continue reading…

A new weekday…

Lately we have all had severe changes in our lives. Most people have felt how quarantine works. We have also seen the changes in air quality. Some people have not seen blue sky before, because they live in poverty in the most polluted cities where the sky have not been blue for decades.

This is crazy, it is weird, it is scaring and you can name it almost anything. Everybody know we can’t go on like this. We need a change. We need to give our planet breaks like the one we have now in a smaller scale.

If we take a break now after every “work” week then we can continue to reduce the air pollution, which is the most important to start with at the moment. This can be easily done by putting an extra day on the calendar after each week, just like I have explained in other stories.

The fun thing is that this solution to reduce emissions to air start working immediately after implemented. At the moment human activity is reduced and the anticipated break in air pollution has come through because of the virus outbreak.

We need to continue our lives at a slower speed.

This is a great chance to save our planet. The climate agreement protocols has to be revised, and new actions taken to make our world livable for the present and the next generations.

Some people have felt how it is being quarantined for months lately. They survived.

What is the problem if we take a break once a week?

It is not a problem. Not at all. The only thing is another logistic. A new calendar and a new common way to live. A new lifestyle that will make us and the planet survive.

Traveling is not a human right.

We have to stop traveling by air and to fill up cruise ships with wealthy half dead people who need to be carried around at the destinations by diesel trucks while huge ship machines run on tung oil puke out exhaust in narrow fjords in Norway or tearing down ancient buildings in Venezia with acid rain, tsunamis and dust.

Some people make a living of tourism, but that does not mean that the people living at the destinations do. Most of them suffer due to the plague from exhaust, garbage, tsunamis and noise from the tourists.

The 8th day came in a strange way…

When the simple solution how to save the world came to my mind I never thought a demonstration of how it will work occured. Now you can all see it on the maps from NASA and Weather bureaus all over the world. NOX pollution from combustion engines has dissapered due to the lockdowns. This is how the world should be. We don’t need to start up again back to the same way we did before the virus shut down everything.

There is a connection between air pollution and how the virus attack the lungs. And when you look at the NOX maps of China in February there was no air traffic either. And you should remember the fact that the emissions from air traffic is not measured in the statistics, but are another 7 % of emissions in addition to the measured. Simple said emissions to air is 107 %, not 100 %. This explain why the reduction in emissions to air is only measured to a reduction by 5,5 % during the lockdown. Complicated? Not at all, but to explain.

This is the result of how lobbyists and politicians work over decades and the outcome is nothing but pollution. The reason is they can not agree if the pollution should be logged on the takeoff airport, the flight area or the arrival airport.

People miss working… Do you?

Yes, you miss socializing with your colleges and miss traveling for a conference in another city. You miss the relief away from your wife, husband and kids while beeing at work. That is how it is, right?

Do you miss cueing up on the highway?

The stress by being late, again? The reminder from your wife to pick up the kids today when you’re locked up in the cue back home? Do you miss the third coffee at the airport after the forth cancelling of your flight back home? If you do miss some of these situations you need to see the shrink or simply realize what you are doing.

Did you make the world better today?

Probably not, because every ton of CO2 and NOX gases your lifestyle “steal” from the resources of our planet there is someone suffering somewhere. Not only humans, but also plants, animals, fish and the climate. Climate should not change quickly as it do now. The changes due to human activity comes too fast, and is dangerous for us.

What did you actually produce today?

Probably nothing. This was one of those days you feel everything was in vain. The only thing you produced was pollution. You could have stayed in bed all day long, sitting outside reading a novel or playing with your kids. If you did then you have contributed with something, less pollution on your account.

We need to realize that our lives has an account.

Most people are to blazed to think about this fact. This account has more or less two posts. Your own health and your resources. This is equal to everybody else on this planet. Since you are able to read my words now then you are among those who overuse our planet. You use more of the resources that “is” here and “made” for you, and you steal it from someone else and take the world closer to a collapse.

What about a break twice a week?

It is even better, and we can reach our goal faster. We can reach the goal faster. Yes, together. We have the same goal. Maybe you don’t agree? If you don’t agree with me, then you are suicidal and should see the shrink and get professional healthcare.

We are here to live. We are here to make love. Make kids. See our kids grow up. We are here to see the flowers blossom in our gardens. We are here to stand the rain, when the life giving plants need their anticipated nutrition.

But we can’t keep on making more thunderstorms, melt the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic and flood our coastlines. This happens because more than half or the population on our planet use to much, pollute to much and let the other half and themselves in the gutter.

The more money you make the more gutter you produce and leave more people in poverty. This can’t continue. Our planet need a break. And now we are here in a break. We have to continue with breaks like this until we are back on track again.

A solution better than the 8th day?

What will happen if we start working only 4 days a week when we can go back to work. It is brilliant. Then we can work two days rest one day work two days and then the weekend.

This is even better than the 8th day solution.

Why? Because our factories and engines only need to run 4 days a week. The other three days is rest for our planet and us. Great! Now you think you can travel somewhere on Wednesday. Of course you can. On your bicycle. You can walk somewhere or run. The new day off work is a day for rest. Both for you and also a rest for our planet. A day to turn off all combustion engines.

The next step in the new revolution is to restrict traveling.

This time we start on top. Restrictions for the rich people to use private jets, luxury airliners and private yachts or go on cruise ship holidays. Remember the world is still “full” of viruses. Do you really dare to mingle on a cruise ship anymore? Don’t forget maybe Mr.Wilsom’s chauffeur mingled with Mrs.Trillsom’s chauffeur who mingled…, and then you might end up in a remote island hospital without ICU access.

Why did the virus spread so fast?

The travelers spread it. When WHO decleared a pandemic 5 % of the population in my country was abroad and picked up the virus. These people had traveled abroad and was still abroad 6 weeks after WHO warned about the COVID-19 virus and begged all governments to implement travel restrictions because we faced a pandemic. The fact that 1 of 20 citizens came back from abroad on an airplane where others exposed to the virus also fled home accelerated the spread. Most of these travelers was met at the airport by friends or family members for a pickup and the spread continued.

Stay home, send the cruise ships for accommodation for the refugees from the wars you started or for the climate refugees waiting for the next storm or forest fire caused by a lifetime of your overuse.

How easy? Yes, it is. Look into yourself and admit. This is how it is. This is where we are now. On the edge of collapse. On the edge of what can be a new beginning.

Somewhere a child is wiping…

Everywhere you can hear the cry for help. Even right outside your window. Can you hear the cry? You have seen it, with the sound turned down. Did you do something? If you did, you did not do enough. You continued your party and now we can’t see your poses anymore. Because you hide in your mansion somewhere.

The changes can be done by the politicians now.

If the politicians don’t make or are willing to make these changes now then they will loose their jobs. Then the climate revolution will come. The weak leaders are exposed to the world at the moments. This is not a situation based on beliefs and wishes. The situation we are into now is based on facts.

There are more people in the world than idiots.

Yes! And the people want changes to be able to survive. People don’t need idiots for guidance. So step down, unless you want to be thrown down. The revolution has started.

The age of men in dark suits is over.

The world need a mama. The world need a caretaker, not a warrior. Burn the fantasy figures from Hollywood. Melt down the weapons. Teach the gunmen how to do farming. Let them sell their weed and not the avocados. Avocados are too thirsty and not sustainable, though they seems to be healthy.

This is my contribution to get the world back on track again. Think, learn and understand because this is the only solution that works. And it starts working next week if we make the changes today. Simple? Yes, very simple. So the world needs an 8th day. A solution that start working immediately.

She looked out through my window
There is nothing she could see
The changes came before
The last day swept away

Take good care of yourself and all the other doomed to work day and night to keep us alive, and please remember our planet, too.

© d’Viggo 2020

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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