Thanks for the reply!

As I mention to add a new day is to open for something totally new, and this will have an effect as totally new. The weekends are to “hollow” today with to much activity from traveling and working. Three out of seven days closedown will be better of course since it is 40 % less pollution if “closed” totally.

I have discussed it further in this story.

We have though seen, and people have learned what a shutdown is during the pandemic. With Trump in the frontline to continue combustion from oil products every thing is difficult.

I wrote the story before the Covid-19 started spreading. So little did I know this happening would be a kind of demonstration of the 8th day idea.

One thing is for sure, the more breaks we take the less is the impact from pollution. The idea of a break one, two or three times will do the work much faster than the present agreements set by UN.

I like your inputs. We need changes to make the world a better place for everyone.

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