Access Denied. Do the COVID-19 Virus Reprogram My Fingerprints?

What can you do when your fingerprint is not working anymore?

Honestly I don’t know. These problems started after my hands was washed with a desinfector somewhere. I used a few different in a short time one day, and now I can’t use my thumb to get access to my phone. Quite annoying is it.

Who can I sue? The WHO? Or you?

Or other people from the governance who advised me to use these solutions.

And now Mr PDT want us to use it inside, too. My experience to teaching is to never tell someone what — not to do, first… You should’t ever show somebody at all.

Most people will do the wrong things when you learn it first and before you are learned how to do it the proper way.

Is the meaning behind using all this hand disinfection that your fingers will disappear in the end?

It is great for the purpose to stop the virus spread, because you can’t touch anything without your fingers. Well… Of course you can use your ass or tongue instead, but less useful to open doors or to write pin codes.

What will happen when the door at work won’t open when you go back to work? Oh… You can call your boss. Through an emergency call on my phone?

Still I want my fingers to be able to open my phone or identify myself with my fingerprint. So, I need my fingerprints. Even my guitar stings need my fingerprints. I don’t want to sound like a bottle neck player.

I learned how to wash my hands long before the other Donald’s flu, but I noticed that door knobs and keyboards started getting cleaner at that time. So a lot of other people learned something new those days.

I still wash my fingers, but I don’t like people staring at me when I pass the Anti-Bac bottle.

If your store and all the goods there are so dirty I need to disinfect myself before I go in, maybe there are some joints inside or before that needs disinfetion more than me.

Hope you all take good care and wash the infector off your hands too. I do,
because I love my fingerprints.

You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.