Still we can see the moon in an everlasting slow dance around our planet. More cloudy weather can make the view difficult for the future generations. This darkend moon was shot right out of my window a few years ago.

This will happen long before the End of 2030. If we wait until 2050 set in the UN protocol the world will burn.

We can’t hope global warming will stop in 2050 based on the agreements in the UN climate panel protocols. We need action now. An 8th day solution starts working from the day it is implemented in our calendar.

We use every day to produce pollution. It is enough now. We need a new weekday to do nothing, the 8th day. Mother Earth has begged us for such a day for decades now. Now we are into the…

Yes, they should...

Hope you recover quickly, Charlotte!

Remember if you see a tall guy in the crowd look twice! He might be running over your feet in the next second, like when he tried to run over my car a few months ago.

People who use these scooters should be told clearly that others won't reflect them as moving around at the first glance, either if they walk or drive a car.

If you see someone running or walking you know immediately this person will move around and your mind will registrate the direction quickly. If you observe a person standing still…

Similar to between four and seven days without meat on your plate. Then I've saved the world from about 100 tons of carbon dioxide, so far...

Sorry... I forgot to add my iPhone.

People watching the Geiranger fjord in the haze of exhaust from a cruise ship — Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes

If there are people out there believing this blue tung oil smoke from a cruise ship when anchored in the narrow Geiranger fjord is healthy for our planet and the people living there — then tell me where you fill your lungs every day.

If we stop tourism for a decade then our planet will recover. …

Thanks for writing this story! 🙏🙏🙏

I thought I was the only one sleeping all day long... 😴

It is easy to understand why Americans are so obsessed about money when half of them are not able to buy a pen and a paper to announce they have started a new business. Within a few decades they might not be able to write that poster either, because they are excluded from any education. 📚✍🏽

The most funny thing is that politicians still manage to let the superrich get more wealthy without being infected by the virus. 🧐

I really hope I don't need to read their manual... 😎

Did you all get my message? No, I know very well you didn’t.

Bright Moon Dark Clouds © d’Viggo

Unless you know, the reason I started writing here was to reach out there with my idea about the 8th day — how a tiny change in the calendar can help us to stop the global warming before 2030 — and save our dear blue planet Tellus from going up in smoke.

Unfortunately the pandemic struck our world hard — and still rage harder than ever in some parts of the world — and luckily it also gave the thin layer of air above us a relief from the smoke from factories and exhaust from the diminishing air and car…

Who are our politicians?

They were elected by the people, because of their promises to make our world a better place for all of us. After they are into positions they suddenly loose their memory — often rather quickly — and they always end up to become — first a protector — and then a part of the elites. They have faced the biggest problem in the history of mankind for decades, and they have failed to do something about it. We all — including all politicians— know this is the ongoing global warming issue.

Inside of this crizes your story is a perfect…

A tiny bitcoin novelette

Photo by Roland Samuel on Unsplash

“You are stupid!”

Those words fell out his mouth when we had a conversation about bitcoin — and about what was going to happen next with the crypto — what he called was a bubble and a crime scene.

«What? What did you say?», I replied.

«I am smarter than you. Your company totally depends on me and the services I provide, and I can prove it. You shouldn’t say I am stupid. I’m not, though there are things I know nothing about.»

This dispute happened at our afternoon annual X-mas lunch — after a few…


Dangerous new distractions on a big screen in a car where your eyes should always be on the road in front of you.

Who asked them to build these? Your shrink? Your doctor? Your family? The fiddle player? The woman who lost her husband in a car accident?


Oh, the salesman...

You have started in the wrong direction. AI makes people become stupid, and generate more money for the super rich.

Try to imagine how AI can help you survive in the wilderness? You'll be lost, unless you got an innovation you haven't told us about that can get you out of there.

Nobody can predict the future!

Thanks for sharing your very important and informative story about our time.

This story should be essential reading for every aspiring politician, and also essential reading for all those politicians who have brought the past into the life we have today.

If those who read and understood Alvin Toffler's Future Shock in 1974 travelled in time - and ended up observing US life and the streets of Washington a few months ago - they might have declared him to be a prophet then.

What happens in the future is like observing the surface of a ballon when filling it, when…

My poem inspired by the prompt for the 8th day — Tenet

I Know © d’Viggo 2021

I don’t believe
I wanna know
And I know
If we add
Just one single new day
To every week
Then 8th days a week
Can make the difference
And save our planet

Our souls need another cure

But we don’t have to go that far
We can replace another weekday
And let this day do the job


If you are curious enough you will find out, unless you already have…


When I found this beautiful poem from Priyanka Srivastava it reminded me about my “mission”…


You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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