Still we can see the moon in an everlasting slow dance around our planet. More cloudy weather can make the view difficult for the future generations. This darkend moon was shot right out of my window a few years ago.

This will happen long before the End of 2030. If we wait until 2050 set in the UN protocol the world will burn.

We can’t hope global warming will stop in 2050 based on the agreements in the UN climate panel protocols. We need action now. An 8th day solution starts working from the day it is implemented in our calendar.

We use every day to produce pollution. It is enough now. We need a new weekday to do nothing, the 8th day. Mother Earth has begged us for such a day for decades now. Now we are into the…

Who are our politicians?

They were elected by the people, because of their promises to make our world a better place for all of us. After they are into positions they suddenly loose their memory — often rather quickly — and they always end up to become — first a protector — and then a part of the elites. They have faced the biggest problem in the history of mankind for decades, and they have failed to do something about it. We all — including all politicians— know this is the ongoing global warming issue.

Inside of this crizes your story is a perfect…

A tiny bitcoin novelette

Photo by Roland Samuel on Unsplash

“You are stupid!”

Those words fell out his mouth when we had a conversation about bitcoin — and about what was going to happen next with the crypto — what he called was a bubble and a crime scene.

«What? What did you say?», I replied.

«I am smarter than you. Your company totally depends on me and the services I provide, and I can prove it. You shouldn’t say I am stupid. I’m not, though there are things I know nothing about.»

This dispute happened at our afternoon annual X-mas lunch — after a few…


Dangerous new distractions on a big screen in a car where your eyes should always be on the road in front of you.

Who asked them to build these? Your shrink? Your doctor? Your family? The fiddle player? The woman who lost her husband in a car accident?


Oh, the salesman...

You have started in the wrong direction. AI makes people become stupid, and generate more money for the super rich.

Try to imagine how AI can help you survive in the wilderness? You'll be lost, unless you got an innovation you haven't told us about that can get you out of there.

Nobody can predict the future!

Thanks for sharing your very important and informative story about our time.

This story should be essential reading for every aspiring politician, and also essential reading for all those politicians who have brought the past into the life we have today.

If those who read and understood Alvin Toffler's Future Shock in 1974 travelled in time - and ended up observing US life and the streets of Washington a few months ago - they might have declared him to be a prophet then.

What happens in the future is like observing the surface of a ballon when filling it, when…

My poem inspired by the prompt for the 8th day — Tenet

I Know © d’Viggo 2021

I don’t believe
I wanna know
And I know
If we add
Just one single new day
To every week
Then 8th days a week
Can make the difference
And save our planet

Our souls need another cure

But we don’t have to go that far
We can replace another weekday
And let this day do the job


If you are curious enough you will find out, unless you already have…


When I found this beautiful poem from Priyanka Srivastava it reminded me about my “mission”…

This is a reminder that Windows 10 is the worst design ever…

Windows 10 looks like water colors on canvas, without frames and contrast. And why do you have to install the Game section if you never intend to use it?

Windows 10 is not working on a 4GB computer, if you want to do other things than surfing. Still 90% of the laptops they sell has only 4GB memory.

I used the Photoshop 5 semi professional first on a 95 and later on 98 machine when it was launched, and it was a great tool back in those days. About ten years ago I bought a new version(12? or 13? maybe…

The Cheaters...

It has always been easy to spot the cheaters when you know what to look for, also in a time perspective.

You can' pump iron all day long if you use steroids, right? But you need to hold your head up if you are awake all day long even if you are on steroids. Your neck muscles will work all day long and grow faster than your biceps. This is one easy way to spot the cheaters.

How these people can get access to the limelight and the benefits of being superstars in sports by cheating the WADA protocol, their…

Most of the power used in mining comes from hydropower.

The verification process create 300 kg carbon!!! It is nonsens!

I hope you are talking about CO2 in gas form??? If not there will be mountains of pure carbon where the mining rigs are located. Most of the mining rigs are driven on emission free hydro power.

Elon Musk is responsible for spewing out a lot of carbondioxide(CO2) through his rocket launches and production of cars, but not in one purchase of Bitcoin. Those Bitcoins are already mined, and if it was mined on dirty power lets say back in 2012 or 2013 the mining process needed far less energy…

Funny facts, but also revealing

127 million infected
124 million pushed into extreme poverty
114 million lost their jobs
Are these the same people?

Ten people earned $540 000 000 000 000 so far during the pandemic.
How much did the next 90 on that list earn? I assume a similar amount or more.

If these 10 richest persons could feel just a tiny shame and turned 0,01% out of their pockets, then each of these people living in poverty will have $7k in their hands.

The next 90 on that list could afford to do the same. Then these poor people could open a…


You might know me, but you don’t. I got wet in the rain, but now always soaked. I thought a lot. High thoughts and also loud and clear.

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